Welcome to the Waking Myth page!  Take a minute to look around, listen to the tracks from our EP "Echoes of the Past" and sign our guestbook!




See you all this summer!

With our latest CD release, An Ocean's Horizon, we have started preparing to get out on the road this summer!  We have new songs to play live, new members to meet, and merch to get! Keep checking backing for show announcements and any other surprises we have coming soon!


Full Length CD

We have been busy writing and recording material for our upcoming full length CD.  Titled, "An Ocean's Horizon", the album art and tracklist have been released!  Head over to our facebook page to listen to teasers we have released from a couple songs!


While we have been rehearsing for Metal Massacre this weekend, we have also been busy writing new material!  One of the first things we plan to do after this weekend is a video update on everything going on.  From new songs, endorsements, merch, and more!


Metal Massacre Tickets

Tickets for the annual Jim N I Metal Massacre are now available!  Two days/nights of 30+ bands and free camping!  For more information and ticket purchasing, please email us at wakingmythband@yahoo.com or message us on our facebook www.facebook.com/wakingmyth.  Looking forward to seeing all the familiar faces and hoping to meet some new ones as well!

New Shirts

Our new shirts for the "Echoes of the Past" EP are now available!   

Clayton Custom Endorsement

We are proud to let everyone know we now endorsed by Clayton Custom Picks as well!  Check them out at www.steveclayton.com

New Endorsement

We would like to announce that we are now endorsed by 69 chosen, a clothing line from Richmond, Virginia!  Be sure to check them out at www.69chosen.com! 


Confirmed for Metal Massacre 9

We have just been confirmed as one of the 30 bands that will be playing this year's Jim N I Metal Massacre in West Springfield, PA.  This will be our 6th straight year on the festival and hoping to help make it the best so far!  Check back for details on when you can get your tickets for a weekend of mayhem!  


New Material Coming Soon

With the recent release of "Echoes of the Past", we are happy to announce we have begun writing new material for a full length album.  These new songs will mark a turning point in the Waking Myth era.  The story behind the upcoming album, will take you for a ride both lyrically and musically!  More updates TBA!


Echoes of the Past Released             

The debut EP "Echoes of the Past" is now available!  Head over to our store to pick up your copy now!


Website Up and Running

We have just launched our website!  We are looking forward to future updates!  Keep checking back!

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